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Dos and Don'ts of Freshers'

Wednesday 02-09-2015 - 12:00
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If there’s one thing that’s true in this world, it’s that you’re only a Fresher once. You can go to the events every year, sure, but there’s only one ‘first year of uni’ (usually).

That being said, sometimes Freshers’ isn’t as easy as just showing up at your new home, and – bam! – you’ve settled in instantly.

There are a few slip-ups to navigate, a few tips to listen to, and always lessons to learn before you’re officially a ‘proper’ uni student.

Everything can seem a little bit daunting though – which events do you go to? What should you wear? What should you do? Well, we can’t answer every question that ever runs through a Freshers’ mind (there are quite a lot), but we can at least give you a few dos and don’ts to ensure it isn’t a disaster.


Don’t be a shut-in

Freshers' is your first chance to really get stuck in to uni life, so don’t hide away for a week!

We know that putting yourself out there can be absolutely terrifying to some people – but sitting in your room means that you’re missing out on vital opportunities to make friends and memories that you’ll keep forever.

Don’t sit there on your phone all night texting your mum, and do make sure to go to at least a few Freshers’ events. We know you won’t regret it.


Do be yourself

It may seem like an amazing time to dye your hair bright pink and change your name to ‘DJ Disco King’ – and why not? Nobody knows you at you uni – but if your usual Saturday night consists of sitting inside watching Netflix on your own and you’ve never touched a bottle of hair dye in your life, it’s just not going to work.

What we’re trying to say is be yourself! Though it may seem like the best opportunity to change everything about yourself, it won’t often win you many friends.

We’re not saying don’t push yourself (we literally just said that you should) but try to stick to what you know best.


Don’t blow your entire loan in the first week

We’ve talked about this a bit before – but spending your entire loan in one go is never a good idea.

The money you’re given by Student Finance is for vital stuff like, you know, food. And rent. And as much as you might think you don’t need to eat for three months, it’s not really the case.

So for the love of all that is good in the world, save at least some of it for the occasional pot noodle!


Do take tonnes of photos

Seeing as Freshers’ is one of the most exciting weeks of your life so far, you should probably make sure to remember it.

Some Freshers’ struggle with self-induced ‘memory problems’, so make sure to take plenty of selfies and group shots at every opportunity or risk forgetting some of the amazing things you got up to.

Sure, some (ok, most) of the photos will probably be unflattering, but it’s something to look back on and laugh at one day.


Don’t miss important meetings

Sorry to sound a bit like your mum but it’s kind of important to go to course meetings and lectures.

If you don’t go to that vital enrolment appointment or the course introduction seminar, you are guaranteed to miss out on a bit of crucial information that will make life very difficult for you sooner or later.

Whether it’s just what books you need to buy (we can help you with that) or something really important like actually registering onto the course you’re supposed to be doing for the next three years, definitely make sure to go – no matter how busy you may think you are.


Do make the most of it

A bit of a vague one, I know – but whatever ‘making the most of it’ is to you, make sure you do it!

Adopt that cringey hashtag #YOLO as your mantra for the entire week. You really are only a Fresher once, and you might find yourself wishing you’d done a bit more a few years down the line.

Make friends, join a sport or a society, go to events, take yourself out of your comfort zone... to quote a certain sports brand, just do it. You (probably) won’t regret it!

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