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An Overview of Welcome Festival

Thursday 19-09-2019 - 11:00
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This blog is about everything going on throughout Welcome Festival so buckle up because there are events for EVERYONE! Whether you like to drink (or not!), have children (or not!), love cheese (or not!), there is an event for you!

We want to make each and every student feel at home and a part of the HSU (Huddersfield Student’s Union) Community! We have worked really hard with the help of student feedback to ensure there is an event for everyone to enjoy.

For all of you party animals (I know there are plenty of you out there…), we have HudCrawl on Monday 23rd, which is our most popular event. There are 8 venues altogether, what better way to get to know the local clubs and bars?! Then there’s Throwback Thursday with Dick and Dom (did someone say… BOGIES?) followed by HudLive on the Friday. This is not one to miss, no matter what music genre you enjoy, there will be something for you! If you fancied coming along to HudCrawl and HudLive, we still have some saver passes available which include both of these events. So if you want to save some dollar, get in there quick before we sell out!

I’ve had so many questions from mature students who don’t think any events are for them, well let me tell you about Mature Cheddar… yep, you guessed it, there’s gonna be CHEESE!!! Oh and wine, with live entertainment and plenty of other mature students for you to get to know.

For all you parents, carers or guardians, we have events for you and your children! We have Laser Tag, a Roller Disco, and a Mad Science event. What better way to show your children where you study?! Tickets for Laser Tag and Roller Disco are going fast so to avoid disappointment get them booked ASAP!

If you’re wanting to join a sports club or society (which I would highly recommend - being part of a sports club helped me get through some tough times at uni), we have the Welcome Fair (23rd & 24th of September). This is where you can meet the committees from each club and society and sign up to be a member (and get free pizza… win, win? I think so!).

This year, I’ve also set up a brand new sports club for women who want to try sports and get fit without the pressure of commitment, competition or feeling like you’re not good enough for a BUCS team. The club is called ‘Hud Girls’ and you can find more information about it on the sports club section of the website! I know how hard it is getting through uni, with a small loan, living off pasta (it’s sometimes unavoidable, trust me) but we have a Part-time Jobs Fair on Wednesday 25th September to help you find a job to earn some extra money!

I absolutely cannot wait to see you all next week, make sure you come say hi if you see me around!

Lucy x

Activities Officer


Activities Officer Blog

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