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Academic Reps: Representing you better than ever

Friday 08-02-2019 - 00:14
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My name is Antonia, and I'm the Academic Rep Assistant for Applied Sciences.  There's an Academic Rep Assistant in every school, and it's our job to support your Academic Reps - whose job is to support you!

Being a rep is all about representing your academic interests as well as we possibly can.  To help our reps do this, we provide training on how to be as effective as possible in their role and build good relationships with University staff, as well as other opportunities through the Students' Union which might benefit them and other students in their school.

So, why does being a rep require training?

Some of this is all about how Academic Reps can get the most out of their experience and use it to improve their employability.  A lot of it is also about teaching reps how to deal with challenging situations they might come across and handle issues in a professional manner.

Applied Sciences recently became the first school across the University to have 100% of Academic Reps complete this training - which, thanks to many challenges including timetabling, part-time jobs, childcare and other commitments, hasn't been an easy journey!

This year, rep recruitment was done right at the beginning of the year when we as Assistants delivered recruitment talks, took part in Flying Start activities and supported staff to organise elections.  For me, the elections were the best part of it - and it was amazing to see how many students are willing to step forward and accept responsibility for making student life better.

This shows, because thanks to keen reps and supportive staff (and the lure of free hoodies) every single Applied Sciences rep has now completed their training.  This has often involved Rep Assistants offering alternatives to the main planned training sessions, such as small group training and one-to-one sessions in order to meet most students' individual needs.

Achieving 100% fully trained reps in a school is a massive achievement, and means Applied Sciences students have the best possible representation within their school.

If you're an Academic Rep and you haven't benefitted from all the training available to you... you're missing out!  Get in touch with your Academic Rep Assistant today, and they'll support you to achieve this as soon as possible.

Interested in becoming a rep, or getting in touch with yours?  Find out more here.

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