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£500 to read your book online?

Thursday 27-05-2021 - 12:12
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Academic publishing practices are making ebooks unaffordable, unsustainable and inaccessible to university libraries. We call for urgent regulation of the market.

In the last year, when most students have been studying at home many publishers raised their prices and lots of ebooks are now unaffordable for University libraries to buy. The price of books can run into the thousands of pounds for a single book, and that is often a recurring charge annually and only allows one or two users to access it!

One example from the video below is The Stage Manager’s Toolkit, £29.99 for a printed version but £576 for one user to access the electronic version. This is a 1930% increase in cost!

Academic Librarians are now campaigning to reduce the costs for these online books, in order to provide you with more accessible. We have joined this campaign, to get you fairer access to books that are essential for your degree.

Watch more about the campaign online: #Ebooksos Campaign student help needed - YouTube

Sign the Open Letter: Open Letter Signatories - Ebooks (

Write to your local MP: Draft letter to MPs - Google Docs

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