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Ease Your Mind

We're here for you

Your wellbeing is important to us! The Advice Centre understands that university is a stressful time and you may encounter difficulties during your studies. This could be anything from depression and anxiety to bullying or sexual health. The Advice Centre is there for you should you find yourself in difficult circumstances and we will do our best to listen and point you in the right direction for support.

Ease Your Mind

Ease Your Mind is a project that started in 2018, we've produced an Ease Your Mind handbook which is full of tips and useful information and fun activities to help you on the path to feeling better. Browse the book below to have a look through the pages, or you can download a copy of our Ease Your Mind book or visit our Advice Centre to take one home! The booklet is not intended as a sole resource for anyone experiencing significant mental illness. If you believe you are suffering a mental illness, we strongly urge you to see professional assistance. The Ease Your Mind booklet is not a replacement for professional treatment. 

Get familiar with the services that the university offers:

The University Health Centre is an NHS General Practice for registered patients, you can register here if you are a student studying at Huddersfield Uni. If you want to check the NHS guidelines on registering at a doctors and dentist whilst you’re at uni then take a look at this link.

The University Wellbeing and Disability Service work in conjunction with the University and can help you get back on track if you’re struggling with mental health issues or any illness that impacts on your studies, they hold workshops and support groups and help you get any special requirements you may need when sitting exams or with coursework. Visit their website to see what they do. You can book a same day appointment with wellbeing and disability services for an initial consultation by phoning iPoint on 01484 471001 between 8am and 9am.

And if you are struggling with anxiety and depression, or any mental health issue, then as a student at Huddersfield University you have free access to Big White Wall this is an online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programmes and a community to chat to – 24hours a day.

We’ve also put together a list of contact details for charitable organisations offering help that you might find useful.