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Looking after you
looking after you

Your wellbeing is important to us! The Advice Centre understands that university is a stressful time and you may encounter difficulties during your studies. This could be anything from depression and anxiety to bullying or sexual health. The Advice Centre is there for you should you find yourself in difficult circumstance, we offer advice which is impartial to the University, confidential and free.

If you find yourself struggling or I need of some extra support, speak to us and we can hopefully help and if not, point you in the right direction. If you find your wellbeing is having an effect on your studies visit our Academic Support to make sure that is covered.

Get familiar with the services that the University offers:

The Health Centre can offer you sexual health support such as contraception, STD testing (who also come to the Advice Centre weekly).


The University Wellbeing and Disability Services work in conjunction with the University and can help you get ‘Back on Track’, hold workshops and support groups and help you get any special requirements you may need when sitting exams or coursework.


If you are still unsure, you can always email the advice centre and we can point you in the right direction. We provide a range of information and can signpost to a range of services that can help with your wellbeing whilst at University:

We believe that the links to these sites may provide useful information for you. However, the Students’ Union Advice Centre assumes no responsibility for the contents of linked websites.