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Bad Sex Story
Bad Sex Stories

If there's one thing that feels better than an orgasm, it's probably laughter. That's why sex becomes extra special when something undeniably hilarious happens.


Sex can often be fun, but what makes sex actually funny? If you have ever suffered from spontaneous bodily sounds, unexpected fluids, way-too-friendly pets and if you've ever had an awkward moment or surprising interruption mid-coitus, share these anecdotes of sex gone hilarious to remind us all that a little chuckle is sure to defuse the situation.

This is a call out for the best (worst) bad sex stories. We want you to share your calamitous, embarrassing and funniest stories, the types where you wanted to retire your genitals forever. And then we will share them, anonymously of course, with prizes for the best stories.

What makes a bad sex story the worst sex story?

  • Disappointing virginity loss
  • Intrusive animals 
  • Caught in the act by parent or partners
  • Public sex encounters that went horribly wrong
  • Utterly spoiled by alcohol.

You have from now until Friday 1st December to share your story, please make the stories anonymous and please only share your Name and Student number in the boxes provided, keep them out of the text of your story!