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Attendance Monitoring Procedure

The Attendance Monitoring Process

  1. Email Warnings:

    The university will monitor your attendance and engagement throughout your studies and if you start to miss timetabled sessions, your school will follow the Attendance Monitoring procedure.

    Your school will notify you via email if your attendance starts to drop and the emphasis in the beginning will be to offer support and guidance wherever they can to help you to complete your studies effectively.

    It is really important that you speak with them at the earliest opportunity as they can discuss any issues and help you to complete EC’s if you are struggling to meet deadlines, signpost you to the wellbeing and disability service, provide academic support or help to resolve issues by liaising with relevant members of staff or departments.

    1. Informal Meeting

      If your attendance continues to drop, your school will send another email and invite you to an informal meeting. You will be given 5 working days’ notice of the meeting and you can ask an SU adviser to attend with you as support. This informal meeting is compulsory for International students on a Student Visa and voluntary for Home and EU students. However, we strongly recommend that you attend this meeting so that your school can better understand any issues and provide support. Attending the meeting can also make the difference as to whether withdrawal is considered as an outcome later down the line

  2. Formal Meeting

    The purpose of this meeting is to consider whether you are able to continue with your studies or not. This meeting still gives you the opportunity to discuss any issues and for the school to provide support to enable you to complete your course, but you need to be aware that withdrawal may also be considered at this stage if your attendance is of serious concern.

    You will be given 5 working days’ notice of the meeting. You must attend this meeting. If for good reason you cannot attend, you can ask the school to postpone the meeting on one occasion.

Preparing for your meeting:

Book a meeting with an SU adviser as soon as you receive the email so that the adviser can help you to prepare your case.

It would be helpful if you could print out your attendance record and bring this to the meeting. Write a timeline of events to explain what has happened to impact on your attendance – try to explain each period of absence.

Be honest and open!

Read the University Regulations so that you understand the Attendance Monitoring process fully. The regulations can be found here.


You will be notified of the outcome within 5 working days of the meeting.

The outcome will depend on whether you are a Home / EU or International student. If you are studying on a Tier 4 visa, your attendance has to be monitored more closely.

Possible outcomes can include a two week review to see if your attendance can be brought up to the required level, forced interruption or withdrawal.


You can appeal the decision of forced interruption or withdrawal within 10 working days of being notified of the outcome using the correct Appeals form in the guidance referred to above.

The University will only consider your appeal if you satisfy the grounds for appeal:

a) Demonstrating that procedures have not been followed correctly or

b) You have Extenuating Circumstances that, for good reason, you were unable to present at the time.

The university will consider your appeal and notify you of their decision within 20 working days. You can choose to take your case to the OIA within 12 months if you are still not satisfied.

Spot Checks and Fraudulent Card Use

The university will carry out spot checks to make sure that it is you (and not a friend) who swiped in to a session, and to check that students remain present throughout the whole session. If you breach either of these, you will be dealt with under the Student Disciplinary procedures and not the Attendance Monitoring procedures.

The SU advice team are happy to support you through the complaints process. We can also accompany you to meetings with the University to provide support.

Contact us at or by phoning 01484 473446  to book an appointment.