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Writing an Appeal
Writing an Appeal


We can help you if you have received your results and are not satisfied with the decision of the Course Assessment Board. There are two possible grounds for appealing against a decision of an Assessment Board, as stated in the University of Huddersfield Student Handbook of Regulations:

1. Where performance was "adversely affected by illness or other factors which (the student) was unable, or for valid reasons unwilling, to divulge before the Assessment Board reached its decision." Any requests for a review under this criterion must be supported by appropriate medical certificates or other documentary evidence in addition to clear evidence of an inability to divulge or other valid reason for non-disclosure, prior to the Board.  It is for assessment boards alone to decide whether or not to accept extenuating circumstances which are submitted and to determine how much weight to attach to a student’s claim that performance was affected by these circumstances.

2. Where "there has been a material administrative error, or (where) the assessments were not conducted in accordance with the current regulations for the course, or (where) some other material irregularity has occurred." Any requests for a review under this criterion must also be supported by appropriate evidence.

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