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Make packing easier by donating unwanted stuff.

Last year, your previous community officer, Tom Bowden, ran the CLEAR OUT Campaign to make packing easier and get you donating unwanted stuff to help the local community. Working together with The Welcome Centre, The British Heart Foundation and various halls of residence; Huddersfield Students’ Union is supporting you to give back.


Why? Well, every single year nearly 10,000 of our students move in and out of Halls and student accommodation, and with that comes a lot of unwanted items. Therefore, the aim is to give you guys the opportunity to donate your unwanted items to those in need rather than them going straight in the bin!

So, what can you donate?


British Heart Foundation Donation Boxes

  • Furniture
  • Large electrical appliances
  • Small electrical items
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Children's toys
  • Homeware
  • Shoes and handbags


Welcome Centre Donation boxes

  • Packaged in date food
  • In date fruit and veg
  • Squash, tea & coffee
  • Kitchen ware (cutlery, saucepans & crockery)


Now that you know what you can donate, you probably want to know where you can donate your unwanted items.

Where can you donate?

  • SU, Floor 5, Student Central - BHF
  • Storthes Hall - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Saw Mill - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Palace Studios - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Kingfisher House - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Oldgate house - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Kingsmill studios - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Aspley - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Little Aspley - BHF and Welcome Centre
  • Castings - BHF and Welcome Centre

Donation bags are available from the unmissable BIG red donation box in the SU.