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Big Ideas are created by students, for students. Any student can suggest what we should do as a Students’ Union to help us make student life better. From there, all students can have their say whether they like, or dislike, the Big Ideas and then we meet to discuss which ideas we should actually do!

The categories that we cover are:

  • Your Union – any ideas you’ve got about the Students’ Union
  • Your Studies – any ideas you’ve got to improve your studies
  • Huddersfield – any ideas you’ve got to improve our relationship with the local town
  • Student Activities – any ideas you’ve got about events or activities for students
  • Student Wellbeing – any ideas you’ve got to help students
  • Equalities – any ideas you’ve got that hope to tackle equality
  • Halls or Housing – any ideas you’ve got to improve your accommodation
  • Other – any ideas that don’t fit any other categories

No idea is a bad idea! If you’ve got an idea about improving your time here at Huddersfield, click the button below to get started!

Give us your big idea!

How does it work?

  1. YOUR IDEA – Got something in mind? Submit it on our website.
  2. VOTE – Get students to vote or comment online. The more interest your idea gets, the sooner we’ll address it.
  3. CLEAR MAJORITY – Easy decision. We’ll go with what students tell us.
    1. IN FAVOUR – Students love your idea, let’s make it happen.
    2. AGAINST – A swing and a miss. Appeal online if you’re passionate about your idea.
  4. INCONCLUSIVE – A difficult one. Your idea will go to a jury of 50 random students for debate.
    • More about the jury...

      The Big Ideas Groups are run four times a year and aim to get students together in a room to decide what the Students’ Union should do about the more complicated Big Ideas that students come up with.

      All Big Ideas go to this group with what’s called an Equality Impact Report, which identifies if there will be any negative effects on specific student groups so that the students in the room as well informed about the decision they are making.

      The Big Ideas Group has fifty students in total who are randomly selected from our over 20,000 membership, like a jury service, and they are paid £20 for turning up, discussing the Big Ideas and making a decision for all students. Decisions are not made by these fifty students voting though, the Big Ideas Group has to meet consensus where all 50 students agree that it is a good idea or we will take the Big Idea out to all students to vote in a referenda at the end of term. This way we can try and make sure that all of our decisions that are made make all students’ lives better.

    1. APPROVED – We’ve figured out the details. Let’s go!
    2. REJECTED – Final vote at the end of term. Appeal online if you’re passionate about your idea.
    • Want to appeal?

      At the Students’ Union our mission is to make student life better and sometimes we will make a decision that you don’t agree with.

      That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to know about it.

      Every one of our members is entitled to appeal any decision made through our appeals process, just contact the president on, mention the decision that you don’t agree with and why and we will get in touch to see if we can help.

  5. IDEAS MADE REALITY – We did it! You helped us make student life better.
  6. GOT ANOTHER BIG IDEA? – Get cracking!

What you've changed already...