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The Thank You Awards are your chance to say thanks to someone who deserves it.

These two little words might not seem like much, but can mean the world to someone by letting them know the work they do really does matter – and it really matters to you!

There’s eight awards up for grabs, and you can nominate a member of staff (or group) at the University, a Students’ Union staff member or a Course Rep to say Thank You for making your time at the University of Huddersfield better.

Maybe it’s thanking that member of staff for going the extra mile and Enhancing the Student Experience, or perhaps it’s thanking someone in your student support office for Excellence in Student Support. Or maybe it’s thanking that staff member for Inspirational Teaching.

This year we've added two new awards for staff members too; Team of the Year for a group, committee or academic service that goes out of their way to make student life better, and Personal Tutor of the Year – for awesome advice, academic guidance or even just a helping hand during a difficult time. 

For Course Reps, we’ve got awards for Excellence in Communication for those Course Reps that keep their students eternally in the loop, the Extra Mile Award for those Course Reps that always seem to do more than you’d expect, and we’ve got the award for Making Student Life Better – an award that celebrates the achievements of Course Reps and improving their course!

Whoever you want to say thank you to, make sure you fill in the nomination form below – don’t let their efforts go unnoticed! Join us in celebrating them and everything that they do.

Nominations now closed!