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Dilara Changis

Hi everyone, I'm Dilara your Activities Officer. I studied Contemporary Art (research based) here at Huddersfield and i've thoroughly enjoyed it! It's been a great experience alongside participating in clubs such as Hockey, and now it's time for me to pass my experience and make a difference by encouraging others to take the advantage of what University and Students' Union offer.

In my role as Activities Officer, I am responsible for working closely with the SU events team to coordinate an exciting, inclusive calendar of events (think Freshers', Give it a Go, Varsity etc!). I also manage all activity group committees to ensure all groups are properly run throughout the year, and oversee the development of the Activities Quality Mark.

My plans and progress so far:

Carnage Policy

The Students’ Union should continue to offer a safe alternative in the form of HudCrawl.

The Students’ Union should not support Carnage, and should actively encourage other bars not to take part.

Dec 2013


Funding for students to join Clubs and Societies

Providing funding to allow students experiencing financial hardship to join clubs and societies

Aug 2016


Referee training for Clubs and Societies

Provide opportunities for students to become recognised sports officials

Aug 2016


Free timetable on Wednesdays

All students should have Wednesday afternoons off for extra-curricular activities

Feb 2015



The gym should install bungee ropes into one of the studios so bungee workouts can take place

Dec 2016


Social Sports for Students

Diversify the number of opportunities available for students to take part in social activities

Aug 2016


Free Student Activity Group Membership

The SU should lobby the University to increase block grant so that clubs and societies memberships are free

Oct 2014


A bigger gym

The gym should have increased capacity

Dec 2016


Contact Details
Phone 01484 473456
Twitter @DChangis

Activity updates

August/September 2016: Download the full document here. Effective (9/13)

October 2016: Download the full document here. Effective (9/13)

November 2016:
Download the full document here. Effective (9/13)

December 2016: Download the full document here. Effective (9/13)

February 2017: Download the full document here. Outstanding (10/10)